cannabis socialclub at tenerife

Where is the best socialclub for smoking weed in tenerife?

The best cannabis socialclub in tenerife is in las americas in Calle Mexico.This weed club has the best weed and the best prices for cannabis you can get in

How is a Cannabis socialclub working?

You have go inside in the cannabis socialclub and to make a signature to become a member of the cannabis social club to give them the license to grow for you the ammount of weed you need monthly.But no problem as a tourist you can go inside and become a member only for a few days if you want.You have to pay once entre money of 50 euro a year to be a member of the weed social club in spain.

How much cost a gramm weed in a weed socialclub?

It depence whiche kind of weed you want.It cost between 4 and 8 euro a gramm of the best and most powerfull weed you ever have smoked in your hole life.

How many socialclubs are in tenerife?

There are 3 cannabissocialclubs in tenerife but only one has the best weed,the best ambient,the best prices and most friendly stuff.This Socialclub for marijuana in tenerife is in las americas.


Coupon for 1 Dinner and 1 welkome Joint

To get the free dinner and the free joint you have just to write a password whiche you have to say when you signin in the indie club.Just write any word or number you wont down here in the contact box and with this password you will get your dinner and joint.


cannabis socialclub in tenerife for smoking weed legal